15 personi entrance
20:00 Vlora Harbour
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Extra - On Request

Selectum Boat Party

Street of Kavaja Building nr 173,
1001, Tirana albania

Monday – Saturday 9am – 9pm
Sunday closed

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(+355) 069 2021415

Dress code is obligated to be white. For those who do not respect the dress code no entrance will be permitted and no ticket refund will be given.

In case climate conditions are not favorable for the development of the event (such as rainy weather or troubled sea), The host might cancel the event and every ticket will be refunded.

In case the waves will be acceptable for the captain but the weather will not be convenient, we will do only boat party moving slowly on the sea in front of Lungo Mare Boulevard, in Vlora and no ticket will be refunded.

The host can cancel the party if the minimum number of 100 people attending the event is not reached. In such conditions everyone will be notified previously and every ticket will be refunded by the host.